See Something, Say Something!

MASScot want to encourage you to speak up if you see any suspicious skin abnormalities (asymmetry; irregular border; uneven colour -especially black; change in the size of a mole) on your friends, partners, clients, children, extended family, immediate family –  or even your favourite sports personalities.

This story from Fox will tell you why – about one swimming fan sending an email to a swim team’s doctor about a suspicious mole.  This prompted the gold medallist, Mark Horton, to see a specialist, who recommended immediate removal.  He talks about his previously “blase” attitude to slightly strange skin features, but says

“I guess this person calling me out on it made me finally go and do it which was a good thing”.

We are so likely to procrastinate over potentially dangerous skin features – helping each other out with little reminders is a way to show that we care, and potentially stop Skin Cancer in its tracks.



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