‘The Waiting Game’ and ‘TMI’ (CureToday.com)

Barbara Tako has written this article on curetoday.com, about a very common struggle with Cancer sufferers – waiting.  She describes her worries about previously having breast cancer, and her suspicions of friends suffering from ‘TMI’ – Too Much Information.

This leads her to describe her worries when talking about her second Cancer diagnosis –  Melanoma:

How much should I share about my melanoma? Who should I share it with? How big a deal was it?

Barbara’s decision to only tell her “A Team” – her husband, the details of her Skin Biopsies, is one she’s made with the hopes of keeping her less immediate loved ones calm, while remaining hopeful about the results:

I haven’t called in my “B” team—my family and friends. I don’t want to cry wolf. I don’t want to raise concern on my behalf if it turns out, hopefully, to be nothing.

Being very experienced with Cancer, she mentions how everyone is entitled to be kind to themselves by taking their own approach, whatever they’re most comfortable with – and how changing our minds about things is also an acceptable decision:

I think as cancer survivors, we can play the test results waiting game in whatever way works best for us at the moment.

If you’re dealing with Skin Cancer issues, we’re ready to be your “A Team”. Get in touch with us and ask about free therapy – we want to help you feel listened to, take a load off your mind and feel more able to cope with the stresses of Skin Cancer.


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