XL and Be Well at New College Lanarkshire: FakeBake ✌️☀️

MASScot were so excited to be invited back to XL and B Well at New College Lanarkshire this year.  It was so beneficial for us to be raising awareness in young people, especially in the company of therapists, medical professionals – and of course the ladies at Fake Bake.  We’ll be posting all about our experiences here!

As you can see I have red hair, fair skin and freckles, I’ve never had a spray tan before either – so was apprehensive about actually taking on the tan.  Victoria from FakeBake was so encouraging, and let me know the colouring matches with all different skin tones.  My tan lasted well and, according to my mum, made me look “much healthier” :).

It was clear from some of the people I was speaking to that spray tanning can be a daunting experience, and if you’re looking to find out what the process involves exactly – email me at kate@masscot.org.uk to chat privately about it.

Victoria was so friendly and enthusiastic, and shared MASScot’s views on the extremely negative effects of sunbeds.  Working for MASScot has made me realise just how deadly exposure to sunbeds can be for your skin.

Thankfully, perceptions have come a long way, and legislation has been changed to prevent younger people from using them.  MASScot are doing all we can to get the message out there about using sunbeds – and I just want to encourage anyone considering it to throw on a hairnet for ten minutes (nobody looks good in them, but it’s better than premature skin ageing) and get yourselves FakeBaked instead.

Thanks again to New College Lanarkshire and the Fake Bake team for letting us get involved!


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