Getting Through MRI Scans with Mary Elizabeth Williams

Manhattan-based waffle maker and red-shoe buyer Mary Elizabeth Williams has written for the Guardian on her experiences with Metastatic Melanoma. In this article, she describes the pain and anxiety involved in having an MRI:

“If you’d like to replicate the sensation of what my MRIs feel like, I suggest putting a large metal pot over your head and then banging it in random rhythms with a hammer for about 45 minutes.”

Her history with claustrophobia and migraines made her feel more vulnerable inside the MRI machine, and after her first experience her response was vomiting, then immediately buying a designer dress:

“After it was over, I staggered down the hallway of the hospital, on the verge of vomiting and with my head in so much pain I could barely see. I promptly lurched my way to Anthropologie and purchased the most expensive dress I have ever owned.”

As well as remedying the stresses associated with the MRI experience with treats  (“Promising myself two glasses of wine afterward. (One is just a reward; two is therapy.)”) She also recommends overcoming the fear one breath at a time:

“I try to sync my breath to my counting, every part of my energy distilled down to a numeric system. One. Two. Three. Four. Again. Again. Again. Every moment bringing me closer to the one the pounding stops and I can go.”

Here at MASScot, we offer relaxation therapy – this involves the option of providing a CD which can be played during MRI scans in order to soothe patients during the MRI process.  Get in touch with us here.


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