Thread Meets Thread for MASScot Shwop

MASScot are pleased to announce that our Shwopping event will mark the beginning of a special series of window displays from local Etsy crafters!

We’ll also be showcasing their work here on our blog: Introducing Thread Meets Thread!


Joanna’s bracelets intricately combine carefully chosen colours of embroidery thread in flawless & laboured patterns.  So personal and yet so precise, they’re the perfect gift for your BFF/brother/sister/Secret Santa/Old friend you don’t see as much anymore but when you meet up it’s like you just talked yesterday/new exciting friend who happens to share your extremely niche interests/Yourself.

View her unique Friendship Bracelets here, and come along to our event and snap up a ticket for our Etsy Raffle to be in with a chance of winning this adorable pair:


Looking forward to Joanna’s window display in the New Year – Thank you Thread Meets Thread!


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