Featured Maker: Flying Cheese Toastie – Dreamy & Chic Glassware

We’re excited to announce that MASScotSHWOP will mark the beginning of an exciting visual merchandising programme with local creatives.  We will be showcasing curated window displays by fabulous artists and crafters in our window, beginning November 14th.

If you like to fill your life up with unique & magical things, then you’ll love Flying Cheese Toastie – A.K.A Glasgow based Glass sculptor /jewellery maker extraordinaire Rachel Elliot.


Famous glass artists such as Lalique and Tiffany were able to employ the alchemy of glass and light to bring fantastical objects into our everyday lives.  The little wandering animals brought to life by Flying Cheese Toastie have the potential to bring a little bit of the wild into your home.  By screenprinting onto the pieces Rachel adds a totally modern feel, allowing each animal to tell a unique story with colour and language.

Rachel’s love of material and craft is obvious, and you can read the details of Rachel’s processes here – can you believe water jets were one of the first cutting mechanisms?

Come to our event and enter our Etsy Raffle for a chance to win this hand-cut pendant and earrings set from Flying Cheese Toastie:


You can also order your own custom made Flying Cheese Toastie item – so if you don’t see your favourite animal here, why not ask?

Thanks for working with us F.C.T – looking forward to your window display with us this December!


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