Sunbeds and Evolving Attitudes: Complex & Important to Understand

During this weekend’s event, we had some interesting conversations with members about changing attitudes to tanning beds since the 1970’s.  We talked about how it’s important to understand the risks haven’t always been as apparent as they were.  However, some still use sunbeds as part of their routine –  so widespread education is still essential.

Here we are at Tesco St. Rollox, bringing the public’s attention to the statistical link between sunbed use and skin cancer.  fundraising-tesco-st-rollox

We take our efforts to change attitudes and legislation regarding sunbeds extremely seriously.  Don’t forget, however, we are here to provide a sympathetic listening ear if you’re worried about your own sunbed use in the past.

As well as preventing skin cancer, we are directly involved with supporting patients.  Pictured here is Leigh Smith, who runs our support line.  An ex-patient, Leigh has first hand experience of Melanoma.  We want to turn as many people as possible away from sunbeds and onto a more positive, sunsafe road.

We know that sunbeds can cause more moles to appear, and recommend having new moles and other skin or eye  irregularities checked if this is the case.  If you’d like a helping hand to overcome that initial anxiety calling your GP, call Leigh (above) on our support line.  Five year survival of melanoma ranges from 100% in cases diagnosed at the earliest stage, to 8% (men) and 25% (women) in cases diagnosed once the disease has spread*. Early accurate diagnosis is essential.

*ISD Scotland, July 2016.




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