‘The Middle of The Night’ – Writing Pieces on Loss from Pulse

The short stories featured and quoted here are very emotional, we would not encourage you to read them if you think reading about loss may take you to a bad place.

Here at MASScot we are passionate about patient experience.  We have participated in research to potentially better meet the requirements of Melanoma patients. We also recommend Patient Opinion as a way to have your voice heard regarding healthcare.

We also encourage creativity as a way to pass the time and also relieve stress, as well as share your story in a helpful and productive way.

‘Pulse:Voices from the Heart of Medicine’ is an online publication of insightful creative writing on the subject of patient experience – they are open to submissions from all over the world, and offer a weekly newsletter every Friday.

This month’s theme, ‘The Middle of The Night’, has seen some interesting submissions on the subject of loss – particularly Halloween Heartache by and The Baby Monitor by , in which trivial everyday items such as baby monitors and Halloween decorations are described in contrast with the devastation of losing a loved one.

“I awakened with a jolt. At first I thought a leftover Halloween skeleton had taken control of Dad’s monitor, but then I realized that the rattling sounds I heard were coming from Dad.”

Tina S on The Source from Macmillan recommends writing as a way to deal with Cancer:

“Write a blog or keep a journal on your journey with cancer. It can be good therapy to write things down and say how you feel, and it saves you having to keep repeating things to people (and have every conversation dominated by cancer talk). It’s also great to look back on and see how far you’ve come.”


Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine
Tip of the Day: The Source from Macmillan


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