Most Common Skin Cancer in the UK – What to Look For May Surprise You.

Here’s how Skin Cancer can look:   bcc

Here’s another example of Skin Cancer:bcc-eye

Here’s a different example of Skin Cancer:bcc-nose

“BCC is a non-melanoma skin cancer, and is the most common type (greater than 80%) of all skin cancer in the UK.”

Notice any sores or scars like this on your own, your partners, your friends or family’s skin? Say something.  Give them a push in the right direction or book a GP appointment. Your words could make all the difference.

“Basal Cell Carcinomas can be cured in almost every case, although treatment becomes complicated if they have been neglected for a very long time, or if they are in an awkward place – such as near the eye, nose or ear. Seldom, if ever, do they spread to other parts of the body. “

Quotes from British Skin Foundation, 2015

Photos from Skin Cancer Foundation



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