Thread Meets Thread for MASScot Shwop

MASScot are pleased to announce that our Shwopping event will mark the beginning of a special series of window displays from local Etsy crafters! We’ll also be showcasing their work here on our blog: Introducing Thread Meets Thread! Joanna’s bracelets intricately combine carefully chosen colours of embroidery thread in flawless & laboured patterns.  So personal and yet so precise, they’re… Continue reading Thread Meets Thread for MASScot Shwop

‘The Waiting Game’ and ‘TMI’ (

Barbara Tako has written this article on, about a very common struggle with Cancer sufferers – waiting.  She describes her worries about previously having breast cancer, and her suspicions of friends suffering from ‘TMI’ – Too Much Information. This leads her to describe her worries when talking about her second Cancer diagnosis –  Melanoma: How… Continue reading ‘The Waiting Game’ and ‘TMI’ (