Dysplastic Nevi or “Ugly Ducklings” 🐣🔍

We’ve talked about the Ugly Duckling Method  of checking your moles – that if one mole is different from the rest of your moles, it’s worth having the mole checked by your doctor.  However it’s important to remember that abnormal moles, which may even meet with ABCDE criteria, do not always equal Melanoma. Atypical moles… Continue reading Dysplastic Nevi or “Ugly Ducklings” 🐣🔍

Sunday Haiku from Pulse

MASScot are passionate about patient experience: we collaborate with researchers by providing information, from a personal viewpoint, on Melanoma patients’ needs.  We also regularly share stories from Melanoma and Skin Cancer patients – this is not only for the purpose of sharing the potentially helpful ways in which people cope, but also to raise awareness… Continue reading Sunday Haiku from Pulse

A Tan is Your Body Trying to Protect Itself

“Tans form as a result of damage to the skin by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. When our skin is exposed to the sun we begin to produce melatonin, a dark pigment, to act as a protective layer. This pigment is known as a tan, but is really displaying that your body is trying to protect itself… Continue reading A Tan is Your Body Trying to Protect Itself

Preventing Skin Cancer from Coming Back (from Harvard Health)

The fear of skin cancer returning has been described as life changing by those who experience it. Here’s Harvard Health on steps we can take to try and prevent skin cancer (and other ailments) from re-occurring. If you’re struggling to cope with worries about Skin Cancer, call our support line and talk patient to patient… Continue reading Preventing Skin Cancer from Coming Back (from Harvard Health)